Saturday, November 04, 2006

Butterfly Wing Flower

Here is a 'butterfly wing' petal flower. Directions for the technique are from "Ganutell" by Maria Kerr, which is a lovely book. Instructions are given for a variety of petals, with examples of the flowers given, although the pictures of individual petals and some flowers are a little small. The instructions are almost entirely textual, but they are easy to understand. Also, there are several pictures of different types of mounts and flowers for inspirational purposes (no specific instructions are given for these, but they use the methods described in the book). The methods are clearly described and can produce lovely results if followed correctly. Spiral wire (molla) flowers are also addressed in this book. Several ways of how to "fill the frame" are described. I think it would have been useful to give instructions on how to make the spiral wire (the thickness of the wire and what to wrap it on), if it is not available to buy.
I would highly recommend this book if you are interested in learning this beautiful craft. The flowers in this book are carefully made and beautifully presented. I purchased this book from Stitch 'n' Craft Ltd. and I was pleased with their service.
The flower here is made using 3 strands of rayon floss and 0.25 mm (30 gauge) wire.

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