Monday, October 16, 2006

Square Petal Flower

This is a small Ganutell flower of my own invention. The petals are all square, the beads adding variation. To make the twisted wire and thread, 0.2 mm (32 gauge) gold colored wire and 2 strands of metallic gold thread (from a six-ply strand) were spun together. The flower is quite small, about 4 cm (1.5 inches) on the side and 7 cm (>2.5 inches) on the diagonal. To make the outer petals, the wired thread was wrapped around two pieces of 0.5 mm (24 gauge) wire which were in the shape of a cross. Beads were added on the ends of the wires, and the petals were finished off with the rest of the prepared thread.
The small inner petals were a little tricker. The small bead was placed on the vertical base wire (0.5 mm). I held it, and the horizontal wire in place while I carefully wrapped the spun thread around them.
This flower was fun to make since it was interesting to experiment and make the design.

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