Sunday, May 02, 2010

Blue Embellished Flower

This flower was inspired by thread earrings. There are many ways to decorate the spiral wire petals with a contrasting color of thread. Skipping coils when weaving the contrasting color can make for a very pretty and unique creation. I have included a pictorial tutorial for this particular example.
The spiral wire is 4.5 cm long. Dark thread is used for the petals first (taken from left to right to make a long petal). The center is a 4 mm Swarovski crystal bicone.
When you are working with the contrast color, skip every second coil.


my aunt mary said...

Thanks for sharing the Tutorial. It is very well written and Photographed.
GyspyMary, aka Mary Berg

Leslie Anne Pease said...

Very interesting. Never knew of this technique. Your work is nicely done!

shanz said...

great tutorial
u did a wonderful job

The Beading Gem said...

I just love the idea of putting the string art earring style into a whole flower design. It`ll make a wonderful pendant. Thanks for sharing. I will be linking in a future blog post so my readers can come visit! Pearl

steez said...

These are some of the coolest looking flowers I've seen!