Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red Flower with Ganutell

I started this flower quite some time ago and just now finished it. I feel that the petals are a slightly too large, but if you would like to make this particular example, it is made as follows:
1. Coil 26 gauge (0.4 mm) red copper wire around a 16 gauge (1.3 mm) straight stem wire. The 26 gauge wire is stiffer than 28 gauge (0.3 mm), so it is a little easier to work with when wrapping the floss around the coils (the coils won't deform easily). Use a 28 gauge wire to separate the coils evenly. 
2. Shape the petals into teardrops (use 24 gauge/0.5 mm wire).
3. Starting from the bottom, fill the petals from side to side. When you get to the top, fill the petals again from side to side until you reach the bottom again. Alternatively, you could take the tread up to the top, insert it slightly off center and fill from side to side until you get to the bottom.
4. The petals are decorated with 2 mm ganutell (also known as check purl or bullion). The silver plated version of this is from the Scientific Wire Company. Use invisible thread to tie the bullion wire to the coils.
5. A 5 mm silver stardust bead is used for the center. Bind all stem wires with 0.2 mm wire and cover with floral tape.

I have also added a new link: Monastery Work by Rita Agius. Her website is under construction, but it looks fantastic so far!


shanz said...

Hey Diana

good to hear from your side
this red flower is so pretty.

plz keep posting


Fakharuddin40 said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing these nice tips and tricks to make a beautiful red flower. I wish to create an interesting and informative blog of red flowers.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great tutorial. I've featured it on my blog.