Thursday, October 23, 2008

Needlelace and Ganutell

When I first saw needlelace on Loretta Holzberger's website, I thought it would go really well with Ganutell. I made this little sample flower by first making the 5 lace petals (these are actually made after some practice) and then making the 5 Ganutell butterfly petals.
Since needlelace is a unique craft, coupling it with Ganutell would produce a flower that is obviously not a traditional example. Even so, I feel that the light, airy lace petals combine well with the Ganutell ones. If you'd like more information about needlelace, please visit
And a new Ganutell link: M's Pockets (Japanese).
Lastly, the Malta Crafts Council has a directory of crafts people who are registered with the society. These are various Maltese Ganutell artists who can be contacted and commissioned.

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