Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kite Petal Flower

A flower made from kite petals. The instructions for how to make the petals are from Ganutell by Maria Kerr. The wire edge decoration is 0.3 mm (28 gauge) wire which was curled around a small rod to produce the coiled look. I got the idea for this embellishment from Teddy's Klosterarbeiten (from the Schlingendrahtblatt tutorial). Klosterarbeiten means monastery work in German. Some of the techniques of making flowers are the same as in Ganutell, except that no thread is used--just silver and gold wire.
About this flower: 2 strands of yellow rayon floss with 0.2 mm (32 gauge) wire. On the side, the flower is 4 cm (~1 3/4 inches) and on the diagonal 6 cm (~2 1/4 inches). Small petals: 10 wraps for the long arm of the petal, then 8 rounds on the frame. Large petals: 14 wraps on the long arm, then 7 rounds on the frame.

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JC said...

WOW diana this is soooooo amazing....and this backgorund is awesome!!! I bet u put a lot of thought into it!! In fact i bet there is a whole story as to why u chose this background.. But did i mention that this floss flower thingy is gorgeous cause it is :)
i really like the colors and such

alrighty, keep up the good work!!


ps...i am awesome at multitasking :p