Saturday, February 17, 2007

Butterfly Petals and Spiral Wire

The thread used for this flower is metallic purple. It's a little thiner than rayon floss and so I used 3 strands with 0.2 mm (32 gauge) wire for the butterfly petal flowers. The pink spiral wire was made by wrapping 0.3 mm around a 1 mm (18 gauge) wire for coiling instead of the 1.3 mm (16 gauge) wire I usually use. Also, I used a 0.4 mm (26 gauge) support wire inside of it instead of the usual 0.5 mm (24 gauge). The smaller spiral wire was a little harder to work with and I was afraid that my thread would fall out of the coils, but the petals ended up all right in the end.


slava said...

hey. your ganutell blog is really cool. I actually like ganutell flowers better than beaded flowers. too bad the art isn't really popular.

Victoria said...

Yes very beautiful. Is there a link that show you step by step how to do this??