Saturday, January 27, 2007

Beautiful Creations with Ganutell

This is a Ganutell book that is available from Wish to Read. "Beautiful Creations with Ganutell" by Catherine Balzan is a rather nice book. The book covers basics well by explaining how to use a spindle to twist the wires and rayon floss together. There is a wide variety of projects in this book, such as a strawberry bunch, a pretty hyacinth, even a duck and peacock, and many Christmas projects. There are also projects, such as "The Fan", that do not give specific instructions for flowers but teach you how to arrange them; in the case of the aforementioned project, in a fan shaped frame.
The only thing I didn't like about this book was that some flower petals (for example the bird of paradise, or orchid) look as if they were rushed, since the rows of the petals do not lie neatly next to each other.
Overall, this book is quite nice and provides new inspiration with its unique projects. To see some examples of what a few of the flowers look like in this book, please look at some of the souvenirs from The Wedding Site. The top row of flowers are wire flowers, which I think are particularly beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

where can i buye this book? they don´t sell them at "Made in Malta Products" anymore