Sunday, November 19, 2006

Small Rose

A small rose from maroon thread with a wire of similar color accompanied by three leaves. The rose is made from t-petals. The prepared thread was made from 2 strands of floss with 0.25 mm (30 gauge) wire. The first row consists of 3 petals with 7 rounds on the frame. The second row is made of 5 petals, each with 10 rounds on the frame. The leaves have the basic petal shape, and the thread for them was made of 3 strands with 0.25 mm wire.
Also, since there flowers are quite small they can be used in jewelry. Sam's pictures show Ganutell flowers made entirely of wire used in hair clips, as well as other unique flowers.


beadexplorer said...

Wonderful! I could swear it is French Beaded from the picture!

shanz said...

Very Beautiful
Whhat kind of tool you use to twist wire and floss?