Monday, October 16, 2006

Small Molla Flower

Ganutell is the beautiful Maltese art of making flowers with wire and floss, and it originated in the fifteen hundreds. If you'd like to read more about its beginnings, you can check out Maria Kerr's website. It is filled with absolutely gorgeous flowers. Someday I hope to reach that standard, but for now I have started with this.

"Molla" is the Maltese term for the colored coiled wire some flowers are made from. I made this flower (which is photographed on a rock sphere) using instructions from Beadsky, a Russian "beads and handworks" site. The designs at the bottom of the page are just lovely. There is also another website, which features the "basic method" of Ganutell. For more information check out Wire and Floss Instructions from Loretta's Custom Stitchery, which details the same method. She also does really beautiful Brazilian embroidery; be sure to have a look! There is also an Italian site which shows how to make vertical petals, although they are made to a much larger scale.


beadexplorer said...

I will follow the links. I already looked at Maria Kerr's hompage sometime in the past. One question: It is as time-consuming as French Beaded Flowers?

Diana said...

Hello, thank you for looking at my blog. And I hope you enjoyed it =)
I think that Ganutell takes about as long as French Beaded flowers, but it's more meticulous since it is on a smaller scale.

Anonymous said...

Hi i also do ganutell and i really like your creations Rita